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Passionate, Caring, and Dedicated Coaches Are the Most Essential Component to Our Program

A North Carolina League coach puts the safety and overall well-being of their student-athletes as the first priority.  NICA Licensed Coaches are role models who are open to learning the best practices of youth mountain bike coaching and actively working to hone their leadership skills.

  • No experience is necessary to become a North Carolina League coach.
  • We provide the training and resources needed to ensure you are comfortable and confident as a coach.

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  • Keep student-athletes positively engaged in mountain bike-related activities throughout season
  • Be a role model to all coaches, staff, student-athletes, families, and the community
  • Set an example as a responsible mountain biker at practices and on the trail
  • Contribute to a fun, inclusive atmosphere
  • Have a great time with good people who love mountain biking
  • Manage risk in all mountain bike activities to ensure a safe and fun experience for your student-athletes
  • Inform student-athletes of activities and schedule
  • Help student-athletes with simple mechanical repairs
  • Maintain order and a culture of mutual respect among all student-athletes
  • Help minimize physical injury by promoting ”Ride with Respect” atmosphere riding rules
  • Lead group rides, skills clinics and other activities
  • Help chaperone student-athletes at team activities
  • Help set up activities and events and assist with team scheduling


All coaches are required to obtain a NICA Certification License at one of three levels:

Level 1 Certification: Assists all coaches as directed by the Head Coach.

Level 2 Certification: Assists level 3 coaches with advanced tasks such as teaching skills and leading rides.

Level 3 Certification: Takes a leadership role within the team. Equivalent competencies as Head Coach.

  • Should be a Level 3 Coach with appropriate First Aid training
  • Develops team practice plans
  • Coordinates with other coaches to insure team practices and rides are adequately staffed and planned
  • Has direct connection with student-athletes and their families
  • Responsible for team registration, finances, and paying team fees
  • Works with head coach to plan the season and team activities
To learn more about requirements for each license level click here.