NCICL League Director Announced: Welcome Brian Russell

North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League family,

I am really excited to join you as the League Director to continue growing this league on behalf of all the people in this state dedicated to getting more kids on bikes. I started my NICA journey in 2018 by helping build and lead a team in Maryland during their inaugural season. When the Marine Corps transferred my family to North Carolina in 2020, this league and the team we joined provided an incredible sense of stability for us through that transition in what was a really crazy year (COVID) for all of us. Having worked as a coach supporter across both leagues, and coached other sports for my kids, I know I can say without a doubt that NICA is the best youth sports organization in existence. The sport of mountain biking is an incredible platform to develop character and resilience in the young women and men we are so fortunate to support. I’ve seen the sport transform my own kids’ lives and the lives of so many kids across two states now. That’s why I am so excited to be a part of this team.

   Of course, the league only happens because of you all. The coaches, the parents, the volunteers who have put in the time and energy over these past several years to make this a reality. I know I have a lot to learn coming into this position so I am very much looking forward to hearing from you about what we need to do to continue to grow this league. I am excited by what I hear from the core staff about the upcoming season and I am committed to making it our best season yet. This is our league so please let me know what we can do to continue to develop it into the best youth sports organization in North Carolina

   In closing I’d like to thank Mike Long our previous director for his vision and passion in getting the North Carolina league on its feet and the culture he built across the state. I certainly intend to continue his path of league growth driven by a culture of inclusivity and opportunity for our kids.  And a special thanks to Michael Eastwood who stepped up as Interim Director these past two months and helped get me on my feet so to speak. He has such a heart for what we do here and has been invaluable in training me as the new director. I can only hope to replicate his passion and dedication to our league but I intend to try.

Thanks for what you do!