Explore NC

Explore NC is a league initiative that encourages our teams and student-athletes to explore the amazing trails of North Carolina, and find themselves in the process! 

Explore NC is executed at both the league and team level, and is designed to provide a progression of experiences to prepare our student-athletes with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to plan, prepare for, and enjoy Destination Rides as they explore trails across the state of North Carolina.

NCICL will host Destination Rides with multiple route options at unique locations across the state. At the team level, team practices and rides are designed to prepare student-athletes for the demands of a Destination Ride. Teams are not only able to participate in NCICL Destination Rides, but are encouraged to design their own Destination Rides. 

By setting Destination Ride goals, teams are able to properly prepare to manage any elevated risk the Destination Ride might introduce. Planning for a Destination Ride as a team can encourage student-athletes to take part in designing the ride and invites team families to engage in the planning process by becoming coaches to support the ride or to develop family plans to make the Destination Ride part of a family weekend. 

Creating a progressive plan that equips student-athletes to meet and exceed their goals is the key to Explore NC.  Ensuring student-athletes learn and master fundamental mountain bike skills ensures the competence and confidence needed to increase safety and enjoyment out on the trail. Leading up to the Destination Ride it will be important to support the level of fitness and endurance needed to meet the demands of a longer, more challenging ride. This progression allows coaches to practice in a preride-reride-freeride manner safely as student-athletes develop.

When planning and preparing for a Destination Ride it is important that lead coaches have excellent program management, facilitation, communication, and risk management skills. 


  • I can have FUN! 
  • I can participate > plan > assist in leading a Destination Ride
  • I can work with my teammates and coaches
  • I can push myself to ride further and for longer than before
  • I can reflect on how exploring new trails, seeing new things, and experiencing new places makes me feel and what I learn about myself in the process