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Teams are available for both Middle School and High School students, grades 6-12. While the North Carolina League does host a race series, there is no requirement to race in order to be part of a club/team.

School-Based Teams are comprised of students grade 6-12 from the same middle or high school, public or private. School-Based Teams can be “official” or “unofficial”. A School-Based Team provides students with:

        • Access to try something new
        • Alternative to traditional sports
        • Identity within the school community

Composite Teams cover a specific geographic area and serve all middle and high schools within that area. Composite Teams are intended to be temporary solutions toward building school-based teams

Homeschool students may join Composite Teams according to the location of the school they would attend if not homeschooled.

Simply find the team that covers your school on the map below for contact information, and send a message stating your interest. One of the team coaches will get back to you with more info and to discuss having you join the team.

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