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League Leadership

Our NCICL Staff is a group of cycling and outdoor enthusiasts who believe in helping to positively shape future generations through bikes.
We strive to exemplify NICA’s mission, vision, and values while instilling these qualities in the coaches, volunteers, and student-athletes who participate in the League.

We work diligently to provide all students across NC with opportunities to participate in competitive and adventure bike activities, as well as trail stewardship.

Our hope is that NC’s youth will fall in love with cycling and the outdoors and carry this simple yet powerful tool, a bike, with them throughout their life.


Brian Russell – League Director

I started my NICA journey in 2018 by helping build and lead a team in Maryland during their inaugural season. When the Marine Corps transferred my family to North Carolina in 2020, this league and the team we joined provided an incredible sense of stability for us through that transition in what was a really crazy year (COVID) for all of us. Having worked as a coach supporter across both leagues, and coached other sports for my kids, I know I can say without a doubt that NICA is the best youth sports organization in existence. The sport of mountain biking is an incredible platform to develop character and resilience in the young women and men we are so fortunate to support. I’ve seen the sport transform my own kids’ lives and the lives of so many kids across two states now. That’s why I am so excited to be a part of this team.

Todd Lester – Race Director

Getting his start in the rural woods of Upstate NY, Todd could be found on his bicycle and then his dirt bike. His mountain biking truly began in 2001 riding double track and a little single track in the VA Beach area while meeting up with his little brother riding in Greensboro and/or the Roswell, GA area during holidays or long weekends. He has ridden many different trails throughout the US from the East Coast to New Mexico.

Since retiring from the Army at Ft Bragg, NC, he helped stand-up the Fayetteville Composite Dirt Grinders for the 2018 season. With a slow start, Todd volunteered his first year with the NC Interscholastic Cycling League Race Crew to learn the business of Youth Interscholastic Cycling and how to set up a race venue. For the 2019 season, he assumed the Race Operations Manager position and was the acting Race Director due to the position being vacated. With great success, he assumed the Race Director position going forward with the 2020 season.

Todd remains the Team Director of the Fayetteville Dirt Grinders as well as the Race Director and is fully engaged volunteering ample time at both levels while trying to find time to ride and compete in multiple local races himself.

Shawn Moore – Director of Coaching and Team Development

Bio Coming soon…

Chelle Frost – Programs Director

I became involved with the league as the mom of two student athletes in 2016. As Programs Director, I enjoy helping each student athlete and coach in our league find what they love most about mountain biking, and empowering them to share that passion with others. I am passionate about creating a league that leaves all student athletes and coaches feeling supported, empowered and valued, while being challenged to grow in a way that is fulfilling for them. My hope is to help create community and opportunities that equip every student athlete with the self confidence, mindfulness, determination and resiliency to face any challenges they find on whatever trails life takes them down.  

NCICL Board of Directors

Heike Biller


Jeff Cathey

Vice President

Chelle Frost


Ken Clark


Joe Galvin